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Bar and nightclub architects and designers

SIZE: 13,000 sf
BUDGET: $2,000,000

South is the whole name. This is a unique bar, restaurant, and nightclub located in the heart of one of southeast Michigan’s most popular shopping districts. The establishment opened to redefine lunch, happy hour and nightlife in the area. The food and the interior are modern, classic and subtly influenced by things to our South. The seasonings, the textures, and the accents are not cliche Mexican or Tex-Mex; rather, they are simply influenced by forms and flavors familiar to everyone who travels southward for recreation.

One of the greatest influences that we used in this design was inspiration was from my travels to Mexico, Southern California, Florida, and the Caribbean. We call it the “modern/ancient” balance. Yachts and resorts of those regions feature ultra-sleek and polished details while the surrounding shipyards, docks, and villages have an equally beautiful allure, but for almost the opposite reason. My design objective was to capture that naturally cohabitant essence. The ancient artifact, the sleek modernity and natural environment blend in a strangely familiar harmony. Occupants and customers feel comfortable, invigorated and, at the same time, have a one-of-a-kind experience when they visit.

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