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Designhaus, LLC was founded in 1998 in Rochester, MI by Peter Stuhlreyer after relocating to the area from Manhattan. The profession of Architecture was just emerging from a series of major changes. Computing power was finally matching the demands of CAD production and illustration. Communications and collaboration, together with an emerging internet were showing signs that location was no longer a major factor in the efficient delivery of services. Lastly, the regulatory work had begun a massive growth spurt simultaneous to a nationwide integration from previous regional fragmentation.

Designhaus was crafted around the objective of embracing these global changes by placing new efforts on the incredibly complex maze of new approvals and regulations required to bring a project into reality, including an entire department dedicated to entitlement and a contract arrangement custom designed to efficiently analyze and integrate all foreseeable roadblocks and hidden opportunities. As some traditionally organized firms were being strangled out of business by the sheer fact that they were unable to adapt to the new technologies and regulatory world, not to mention new competition that was reaching their doorsteps from hundreds of miles away, Peter led Designhaus by allowing the new realities to simply, and without structural resistance, become a part of day to day life within the culture of the firm. He fit the firm into the process, as opposed to fitting the process into the firm.

To the benefit of the client, Designhaus strives to immediately understand the core project objective and structures services in a way to achieve that objective and/or quickly determine viability. The methodology allows for a wide range of project types and scopes, avoiding the pitfalls from lack of diversification. Project type specialization is only a temporary hiding place in the new economic and regulatory environment. In the end, Designhaus maintains a strong reputation for design, but the reality is there is a very little visual or compositional commonality between projects. The commonality is that our loyal clients’ primary objectives are consistently met, giving them a competitive edge in their industries.

Designhaus is active in ten states and has provided services in South Africa, China and the Bahamas. With a staff of 16-20 professionals, the firm provides Architecture, Interior Design, Master Planning, Landscape Architecture and Site Planning.